Good Food ...
Picture of people grilling burgers
Frank Dammarell and Earl Bennett discuss their time in the military while Gerry Weitz, Jerry Coleman and Connie Ferguson grill the burgers.
Good Company ...
Picture of people at picnic
Over 150 people stopped to have lunch and remember those who sacrificed for our country.
And a Good Cause
Picture of donations
We filled six boxes of care package items for troops, and raised cash for the Lee Newbill Foundation.

Rain and clouds couldn't stop Latah County from observing Memorial Day on Monday, May 28th. Thank you to the Eastside Marketplace for being available as a backup location. The VFW had their ceremony inside and Latah County Republicans had our BBQ out front. The rain stopped and we fed over 150 people, filled 6 care package boxes for troops serving and raised cash for the Lee Newbill Foundation. As always, Latah County folks delivered above and beyond what we expected.

If you have a family member serving in Iraq or Afghanistan who would appreciate a care package from home, please contact us with the name and address ( Barrett Schroeder, Phone 208-882-7402; EMail: ) or we will use addresses from the site.

Big "Thank You"s to:

  • Shelley McGuire for promoting the event.
  • Shane Needham of Alturas Analytics for the burgers and "Proud To Be An American" frisbees for the kids.
  • Bennett Lumber for funds to make the event happen.
  • Don Meyer and the local VFW and American Legion for the work they do.
  • Tom Anderson for organization and chips.
  • Gerry Weitz of Bearable Dentistry for beverages.
  • Jerry Coleman and Gerry Weitz for their big grills.
  • Connie Ferguson and Madeline McComas for desserts.
  • Sen. Gary Schroeder for buns.
  • Everyone who helped make this event a success either by organizing or attending. (Apologies to everyone who we didn't list)

    Latah County Republicans currently hold 4 major public events per year. Our Memorial Day Picnic and Christmas Party focus on community support and charitable causes. Our Summer BBQ (August or September) and Lincoln Day (usually around February) are fundraisers for the Party.