Latah County Republican Committee

Minutes of Regular Meeting held September 22, 2009

Jack in the Box Restaurant

Present: *Gary Schroeder, *Barrett Schroeder, *Roger Falen, Don Meyer, *Ed Goforth, Sarah Wheat, Bryan Wheat, Ryan Sargent, Dave McGraw & Mary Steed

* represents precinct chairman


Meeting called to order @ 7:10 PM

Minutes of the previous meeting were approved as read.

Three visitors were recognized; two are attending the U of I Law School.

Thirty dollars had been used to secure a table at the U of I meet and greet Event. Motion made by Roger Fallen to approve the expenditure, 2nd by Ed Goforth and passed.

Discussion held about participation in the 10 AM U of I Home Coming Parade and tailgate party before the U of I football game. Barrett will contact Bennett’s about a truck and Gary Schroeder will be responsible for decorating the truck.

Discussion held about hosting a tailgate party before the U of I football game on October 31, 2009. Dave McGraw will provide the sausage dogs, plates and napkins, Barrett will provide the hot dog buns, Gary Schroeder will provide 300 cans of pop, Ed Goforth will provide the potato salad, and Walter Steed will provide the chips. Arrangements will be made to secure a place for the tailgate party by contacting people at U of I.

Barrett believes Norm Semanko will be present and will contact other congressional people.

Gary Schroeder announced that Capital for a Day is at Kendrick Fire Hall September 23 with Governor Butch Otter and it is open to the public. On Thursday 24th Gary will be in Boise for the Resources Committee and in October has a Fish & Game Funding meeting. He believes the move is starting in Boise to return offices to the renovated Capitol Building.

Roger Falen mentioned that Walt Minnick had been at the 1912 Building in August for a public meeting regarding Health Care Reform.

Meeting was adjourned at 7:45 PM