Latah County Republican Committee

Minutes of Regular Meeting held October 30, 2009

Sandpiper Grill

Present: *Gary Schroeder, *Roger Falen, Mary Steed, Shelley McGuire, Tony R. Snodderly, Thomas Lawford, Carol Bauer, Walter & Mary Steed, Robyn Giovannetti, Irene Bain, Paula Bauer, Karen Calisterio, Joe & Marcia Harrison III, R. Madeline McComas, Tom Trail, David Klingenberg, Laurel Griffeath, Mike Griffeath, Al Baker, Tom Anderson, Ken Roberts, Ryan Obarto. There were 27 people in attendance.

* represents precinct chairman


Meeting called to order @ 7:15 PM by Tom Anderson and was opened with the Pledge and Prayer.

Minutes of the previous meeting were available for those who wanted a copy.

Everyone was welcomed and candidate Ken Roberts and Ryan Obarto representing Vaughn Ward were introduced. Each was given time for opening remarks and then a question and answer period followed.

Events of the next day were announced. Announcement was made regarding how to help with the parade or tailgate.


Meeting was adjourned at 8:30 PM