Latah County Republican Committee

Minutes of Regular Meeting held January 26, 2010

Jack in the Box in Moscow

Present: *Barrett Schroeder, *Frank Dammarell, *Tom Anderson, Arch Harner, Aaron Calkins, Susan Petersen, *Linda Horning, Dave McGraw, Pat Dammarell, *Jeff Harkins, *Madeline McComas, Brian Wheat, Earl Bennett, *Barry Tenney, Bob Hassoldt, Khai Brown

* represents precinct chairman


Meeting called to order @ 7:02 PM by Barrett Schroeder and was opened with the Pledge and Prayer.

Minutes were kept by Barrett Schroeder. Minutes of the previous meeting were approved without objection.

Jeff Harkins presented a treasurer's report with a balance of $1667.76 which matches our current bank statement. Frank Dammarell moved to approve, Tom Anderson seconded and the motion passed.

Barrett Schroeder discussed the recent State Central Committee meeting in Boise, including a list of resolutions passed and election of Daymond Watkins as National Committee Man.

Lincoln Day planning was discussed. The event will be Sunday, March 21st, a Sunday Brunch at the Best Western. Our cost is approximately $18 per person. Frank Dammarell moved to charge $30/person, Tom Anderson seconded and the motion passed unanimously. Decorations were discussed. We will ask candidates to not post signs on the walls, but allow them to place literature on the tables and other materials on a designated table.

Candidates for the 2010 election were discussed. Dave McGraw announced he will be running for the Latah County Commission now that Jack Nelson has announced he is not running.

Meeting was adjourned around 8:00 PM